In-Game Rules


Staff member

These are the rules you will have to follow inside of our Server. If you break any of these rules, be aware you will get punished for it which for some instances will result in Bans. If you catch others breaking any of these rules please make sure to report it to a member of staff so we can deal with the player accordingly.

1. Keep chat PG-13 - English only in global chat, no roleplaying, use common sense and don't disrupt other players.
2. Do not advertise, spam, use racial slurs, discuss politics/religion.
3. Do not grief builds.
4. Do not steall/raid even if unclaimed.
5. Do not use any harmful / objectionable language towards any players or staff.
6. Do not use any mods/clients which grant an unfair advantage.
7. Do not cheat/exploit server bugs, instead report them on discord.
8. No inappropriate names/skins/text/builds/signs for users/pokemon/items & no nickname impersonations.
9. Do not scam, over/under price items/pokemon - Refer to /prices
10. Giveaways are strictly forbidden. (Includes drop-parties, small-giveaways, donations, etc.)
11. Giving prizes for player run events is forbidden (Touraments, Casinos, Wagers, etc)
12. Do not beg players/staff for Items/Pokemon/Tokens/Etc.
13. No Fake/Trolls claims (Be civil & friendly, if owner of claim asks you to leave, leave.)
14. Do not sell teleport requests or sell shiny/ub/legendaries catches.
15. Selling/Buying Items/Pokemon/Tokens/Etc with money outside PixelmonRealms Store is forbidden.
16. Using ''alts'' or alternative accounts for personal advantage is forbidden.
17. Loaning, lending or borrowing of Pokemon is forbidden.
18. Do not discuss punishments in chat or report players.

Reports can be done within our Discord Server. Please follow this link if you have not yet joined our Discord Server