A Complete Guide to Appeals


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A Complete Guide to Appeals

If you're reading this forum, then you've likely got banned on either the Discord server or the Pixelmon server and are now trying to figure out how to get yourself unbanned. The process is pretty straight forward however there is a lot of common mistakes we are seeing when it comes to people making appeals which ultimately get denied. Lets start off with the basic process on how to make an appeal.

Process of Making an Appeal

Step 1 ~ Opening the Thread.

On the main forum page you'll see a option to Post thread... highlighted in Orange. You will want to click on that and then pick the Ban Appeal option under the Applications section.


Step 2 ~ Filling out the Appeal

Next thing you will need to do is fill out your appeal. Please make sure that you are completing every section of this Appeal just so we have all the correct information. Once you have done this click the Submit option at the bottom of the appeal.

NOTE ~ If you have been banned for X-Raying, you will need to provide the following screenshots in the appeal. Your appeal will not be accepted until all 3 of these screenshots are provided:

- Your Mods folder

- Your Resource Packs folder

- Your .Minecraft / .Technic / .Curseforge / PixelmonRealms-1.16.5 folder showing the dates modified
[Only one of these is required i.e. the launcher you are using]


Step 3 ~ Wait.

You will now have your appeal live, and a member of staff will check over it over the next couple days. Please bare in mind that we might ask for more information within this appeal if we need it so keep an eye on the appeal as much as you can. You should get notifications every time a member of staff responds to your appeal. If you have had no response after 7 days then please make a ticket within our Discord server asking for an update.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q ~ Hey I have been banned but I didn't do anything wrong. Should I create an appeal and dispute it there? Where can I see proof of my ban?
A ~
If you think your ban is unjust then you will have to make a ticket within our Discord Server in which we can easily discuss the punishment with you and provide the proof if you require it.

Q ~ My ban is only temporary (set amount of days). Can I appeal it to get unbanned sooner?

A ~ If your ban is only temp, then you will unfortunately not be able to appeal it as it will just be denied. You will have to wait out your ban like everyone else. Appeals are only for permanent Discord or Pixelmon bans.

Q ~ How long does it take to get a response to my Appeal?
A ~
You should get a response to your appeal within a few days. If you have not had a response after 7 days then you're best making a ticket within our Discord server and asking for an update to your appeal.

Q ~ Will I lose my Pokemon/Items after getting banned on the server?

A ~ It depends on what you're being banned for, but regardless you won't get a complete wipe. For example if you have been banned for X-Ray then we will likely remove anything associated with mining or dungeons, even if you got them legit. Giveaway/Lending bans will result in the giveaway stuff being deleted. AFK Macro Bans will result in you being blacklisted from playtime and rewards you have received being removed from you. If you get banned prior a reset and you appeal after it, then you will be reset like everyone else.

Q ~ I have had my main and alt(s) account banned for using Alts for Personal Gain. Am I able to get all the accounts unbanned?
A ~ You will be able to have your main account unbanned, however any alts (regardless if it's someone else's or not) will remain banned without any chance of getting unbanned.

Q ~ My ban states (No Appeal) at the end of it. Am I still able to appeal?
A ~ If you get a No Appeal ban (which is usually only given on repeated offense after an initial ban + appeal) then that means there is no possibility for you to be unbanned on the server. Any appeals you create will either be denied, deleted or straight up ignored.

Q ~ Can I appeal my Discord and Pixelmon bans within one Appeal?
A ~ If you want to be unbanned on both the Pixelmon and Discord servers then you will need to make a separate appeal for each ban in which you show understanding about why you got banned and that you won't do anything like this again. If you make an appeal for both, then only one of the bans will be dealt with within the appeal.

Q ~ My Appeal keeps getting denied. What am I doing wrong?
A ~ If you keep getting denied, then you are either not being 100% truthful about your actions and/or are missing stuff out. We will leave a response to your appeal if it's been denied stating why this is the case. Make sure to take notes of this and make a new appeal with it. Disputing your appeal within the appeal itself and/or blaming others is also going to get your appeal denied since that isn't the place for them. If you are disputing the appeal and/or reporting someone else then you will need to make a ticket within our Discord server.

Q ~ I have been banned for Chargeback. How do I appeal it?
A ~ If you have been banned for Chargeback then you will have to make a ticket within our Discord server as we will need to get more information from you as these will ultimately be dealt with by the owner due to the nature of the bans.

This guide is here to be tweaked if needs be. If you have anymore FAQ's that should be added either contact me directly or respond with them in there and I can add them to the guide!