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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I install Pixelmon?
Check out #-downloads for the fastest and easiest way to start playing!

Why is my starter shiny?
All players have a shiny starter by default on Pixelmon Realms. Once you have chosen your starter, you won't be able to change it for another one up until the next server reset unless you join another realm.

How much does this sell for?
Do /prices in game and open the link to the Staff Published price list. Use the tabs at the bottom of the document to find what you are looking for. You can use commands like /gts price (slot of pokemon) or /um price (slot) for accurate pricing of specific Pokemon/Items although please be aware this is not 100% accurate and all items are not set up for this.

Alternatively you can follow this link which will direct you to the Price List spreadsheet: Price List

Where/when/how does this Pokemon spawn/evolve?
For questions like this, you can use the /wiki (pokemon) command Which shows the wiki page, the type, abilities, catch rate, base stats, gender, and you can click on spawning, day care and moves.

How do I breed my pokemon?
You can go to this link to the Pixelmon Wiki to learn everything you need to know about Breeding: https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Breeding

How do I send out a pokemon/start a battle/use an external move?
You select your Pokemon with the up and down arrows keys, and send out your Pokemon with “R” by default, start a battle by hitting a target with that throw, and with a Pokemon out use “B” to select an external move and “G” to activate it.

What does this item do/is it used for?
By default, “K“ brings up a relevant webpage on every item in the game, even vanilla items!

How do I get to the Nether/End/Ultra Space?
To go to the nether/end you do /warp nether for the nether, /warp end for the end and finally /warp ultraspace to enter Ultra Space.

When will the next legendary spawn?
Nobody knows! Legendaries are fickle and random, but there’s a chance for one to spawn about every 20 minutes or so, though an actual spawn could take several hours. Legendary Pokemon will always spawn on a random player within a 5 chunk radius of them, and they will despawn if the chunks are unloaded, or after 10-15 minutes of no one interacting with it. You can also do /legends to view the legendaries that have spawned.

How do I use the GTS?
GTS is the Global Trade System for pokemon on the server. You can view the pokemon for sale by doing /gts. You can sell Pokémon on the GTS by doing /gts sell (slot) (price). You can buy Pokemon on the GTS by selecting the Pokemon you want to buy, then click the red glass panes around the Pokemon, then select the green “Confirm Selection” dye.

How do I use the Market?
The market is where players auction off their items. You can view the items for sale by doing /market or /um. You can list an item on the market by holding the amount of the item you want to sell in your hand, then by doing
/market sell (price) or /um sell (price). You can buy items by selecting what you want to buy, then click the “Accept” green dye.

How do I heal my fainted pokemon?
Every player has access to the /warp pokecenter to heal your Pokemon, then you can /back right back to where you were! Alternatively if you have a donator rank like Pro you'll gain access to the command /pheal which means you can heal on the spot without needed to head back to the Pokecenter.

How do I craft pokeballs?
You can craft poke balls by following the recipes on this page:

What are end crystals used for in regards to the shrines?
End crystals are used to reset the Legendary Bird shrines at /warp shrines for the legendaries Articuno/Moltres/Zapdos. Once the shrine has been reset, you need an Orb that was combined with a Water/Fire/Thunder stone for the Orbs of Frozen/Fiery/Static Souls that has been filled with the souls of 375 wild pokemon you knocked out. You can get the shrine resetter end crystals from the vote crate.

How do I use the Timespace Altar/Shrines?
To use the Timespace Altar at /warp shrines you will need to right click a Red Chain on the altar first, then right click with an Adamant/Lustrous/Griseous Orb for a Dialga/Palkia/Giratina respectively. You can obtain a Red Chain by defeating the Dragon Gym; or the much longer method of capturing the “Lake Trio” Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, then raise them all to level 60 with 225 happiness, and finally right click on them with a Ruby and you will get the respective Ruby of Knowledge/Willpower/Emotion. In order to use the Altar to summon an Arceus, you will first need to put one of every seventeen plates into an Arc Chalice, then you will receive an Azure Flute. You then need to take the Azure Flute to the Timespace Altar, and right click the air with it within 10 blocks of the altar.

How do I evolve a Pokemon by trading?
Of course, you can always do it by trading with another player, but Pixelmon Realms has a handy /tradesim (slot) command to prevent other players from scamming you from your Pokemon and not returning it after the trade evolution!

How does the /hunt work?
In order to participate in the /hunt, you will need to capture the Pokemon it gives you with the right requirements as viewed next to them by hovering your cursor in the hunt list while that Pokemon is still on the hunt. If you capture the Pokemon with the requirements met you will be given the rewards. You can view how long the hunt has left by hovering your cursor over the pokemon in /hunt.

How do I use my key?
In order to use your key, you go to /warp crates and right click the proper crate with the crate key, for example, vote key for the vote crate. You can view the rewards and chance to receive each reward by left clicking the chest with an empty hand.

How do I open my egg that I won?
If you won the likes of a Random Pokemon Egg, Random Legendary Egg or Random Ultra Beast Egg (alongside the shiny variations of these eggs) then you won't be able to hatch it like your typical egg in which you have to walk in order to hatch it. To hatch these specific eggs, you'll have to head on over to /warp eggs in which you'll see a handful of incubators ahead of you. Place your eggs in any of these incubators and it'll automatically spin and open the egg for you which will be given to you directly to your party or your PC if you do not have space within your party.

How many homes can I set?
As a Trainer, you have 2 sethomes. To use these sethomes, you can do /sethome (name) then /home (name) to teleport to it. If you didn’t set a home feel free to make a ticket in our discord and a mod can teleport you to your claim. In order to obtain more sethomes, you can type /store and it will open our donator shop where you can buy gems which you use to buy ranks that each come with their own increased sethome limit.

What is a “Mega Bracelet” and how do I get one?
A Mega Bracelet is what allows you to mega evolve your Pokemon by equipping a bracelet to you after you kill a Mega Boss for the first time. Mega Bosses are high level bosses with a “Rare” or “Legendary” Boss tag above their heads, that reward high level randomized loot, and have rare spawn rates. You Mega Evolve your Pokemon in battle by having the respective Mega Stone equipped to your Pokemon, for example, Gardevoirite for Gardevoir. In battle, you Mega Evolve by selecting “Fight” then click the “Mega Evolve” button above your moves, then select the move you would like to use, and your Pokemon will mega evolve before they use that move. You cannot mega evolve more than one pokemon per battle. If you want to mega evolve outside of battle, you will need to throw out your Pokemon with R, then press B until it cycles to “Mega Evolve” in your top right corner, then press G to use the ability.

How do I get my discord shiny?
To get your shiny you need to link your account, make sure you have joined the discord by doing /discord in-game. Then you do /link in-game take the 4 digit code and put it in the #linking channel in discord. If you are having any issues with getting the shiny please make a ticket within our Discord server and we will help accordingly.

NOTE ~ If you have claimed the Discord Shiny in the past and/or on another realm even on a different reset you won't be able to claim it on another realm or move your link to a different realm. This applies with the Nitro Kit as that's linked to the realm you initially linked to.
How do you get to the NPC Gyms?
To go to the gyms you need to do /gyms and click the rock gym. If you want to progress further you need to do the gyms in order.

Why are the /gyms so hard?
The gyms scale to the highest level Pokemon on your team, so you will want to bring Pokemon that are all within 10 levels of each other. Another good tip for beating the gyms is to google a “type effectiveness” chart and building a team out of Pokemon with types/move types that are 2x or 4x effective against that gym’s type.

What are tokens?
Tokens are a currency for the /pokebuilder GUI and the /cosmetics GUI. /pokebuilder lets you edit any aspect of your Pokemon, such as its shiny status, IV’s, abilities, size, gender, ability, and caught pokeball. You can obtain tokens from /vote, /buy, or buying them from other players for 300 pokecoins each. You can do /tokens to view your tokens balance.

How do I claim my base?
Use /kit claim in game, then use the golden shovel and right click the ground of the two opposite corners of the rectangular claim you want to make. You can view your claim boundaries by right clicking the ground within the claim with a stick. You can resize your claim by right clicking the Glowstone block, with a gold shovel, that signifies the corner of your claim and moving it to your desired claim size. You can trust other players to Build/Edit blocks within your claim by /trust (name), and you can untrust by doing /untrust (name). If you do /containertrust (name) while standing within the claim you can claim others to only have permissions to open containers, and you can use /accesstrust (name) to allow other players to use doors and trapdoors. FYI: After you place your FIRST chest on the server, it will automatically make a 10x10 claim for you. You can view how many claim blocks you have by equipping the golden shovel from the claim kit, and you can obtain more claim blocks by voting for the server by doing /vote, buying a donator rank, or you get 100 claim blocks per hour that you play!

How do I make a ticket for my item/pokemon that disappeared?
Do /discord in game, then go to the #Ticket-Support channel within our Discord server and react to the message. Then, a ticket channel will open and you will need to follow the format given in the ticket. If you are making a ticket about your missing donator rank in game, include a screenshot of the Transaction ID or receipt that you received by email at the address you provided.

How do I get back to/from/back where I need to be?
Well, if you’ve only teleported once then great news! “/back” simply takes you to the place you were before your last teleport. Keep in mind that death -> spawn is a teleport, so /back will take you to where you died! In addition, we have “/rtp”, random teleport to help you find locations, “/tpa (name)” to ask someone if you can teleport to them, and “/tpahere (name)” to ask them to come to you.

Where can I find the rules for In-Game?
You can find the rules in the server by running the commands /rules and /rules 2 respectively. Adding onto that, you can access the rules in-game via our official forums by following this link ~ https://pixelmonrealms.com/threads/in-game-rules.1090/

Pixelmon Realms Commands List

Grief Prevention Claim commands:

Help Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsjXB-BaE0
/kit claim = Claim a golden shovel. Shovels can be used to claim land.
/claimslist = Lists all of your claims
/claiminfo = Shows the claim information about the claim you are standing in
/subdivideclaims = Create a subdivision in an existing claim, allowing you to set specific trust settings for a certain area of your claim.
/abandonclaim = Abandons the claim you are standing in if it is yours.
/abandonallclaims = Abandons all of your created claims.
/accesstrust (name) = Allows the trusted individuals to access Healers.
/containertrust (name) = Allows players to open chests or other containers like PC or enchantment tables/PC’s/Trade Machines.
/trust (name) = Gives Builder access to your claim. Do not give this to anyone unless you completely trust them.
/untrust (name) = Takes away access from the specified player to the claim you are standing in.
/trustlist = Lists permissions for the claim you're standing in

For server list commands you can do /help in-game and for donor commands you can do /rank and hover over the rank.