Server Reset


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This is my first server reset, so I didn’t know what to expect. I invested a few hundred dollars towards the end of last season. The fact that my tier rewards don’t carry over is a little ridiculous and shows the true intentions of greed behind the server. I should at least be able to pick the Pokemon that I paid for again. I might have missed where this was explained, but this definitely deters me from playing on the server ever again. Enjoy the donations, I’ll be sure to leave a few reviews so nobody else who wants to donate will experience the same disappointment and will hopefully take their money elsewhere.
The server reset is something that's happened every 8 to 12 months since the creation of the server, it's something that is unavoidable for us to do especially for player interest, server growth as well as fixing the server economy. We used to in the past have players being able to reclaim their Pokemon of choices with ranks, however the amount of players starting with high/rare priced legends caused more issues with the server than it did good so a decision was made to make them a one time redeem since 2021.

This isn't something we try to hide with players, and most other servers will be the same as us when it comes to server resets. You're free to have your opinions on our server and how we run it, but we make the best decisions we can for the sake of the players as well as server growth. Donations are needed for us to keep the server running as well as adding new things to the server for players to enjoy.

It's up to you at the end of the day if you wish to play on another server or not, but I am being as open as I can about why purchases don't transfer over. If players start with everything that's supposed to be rare or even if players have bought numerous of keys bought then players will start with everything causing them to lose interest and leave the server, also causing all rare legends to be common place on the server which ruins the economy which might result in a reset happening sooner than later.

I hope that you continue to play on our server, or very least have found a server that is run in a way that's suitable for you.

- LaughingButterC [MANAGER]